Best Budget Hotels In Florence – Affordable Comfort and Style!

Florence is one of the most amazing cities to visit in the world, and most certainly Italy. It’s the birthplace of the Renaissance, was home to one of the most powerful families in Europe and had artists, bankers, musicians aplenty buried there when their time came. Nowadays, anyone can visit this great city without spending too much on accommodation with the help of our list of the best budget hotels in Florence.

However, not everyone has the budget to book the most luxurious accommodations when planning their trip to Florence. Instead, you might just want a nice, affordable boutique hotel in Florence. Or perhaps you want one of the best value hotels in Florence. Regardless, you can look for these hotels that might sit further away from the main attractions of the city in order to find a lower price tag attached. These hotels might also be smaller in size than some of the more expensive ones, yet they can still offer small groups a good deal during their time in the city. Regardless of size, shape or proximity to what most people come to see, we’ve picked out some of the best budget hotels in Florence!

Best Cheap Hotels in Florence – Our Picks

Hotel Orcagna

The first choice on our list of the most affordable hotels in Florence is the Hotel Orcagna. This hotel is located near the Arno River, so it is right in the middle of the city. In fact, it is only a 15-minute walk from the Piazza Santa Croce. If that takes too long for you, you are able to get a bike and explore more on your mobile vehicle or with a Florence tour. There is a small garden that you can sit in to relax, while the breakfast is a buffet-style selection that is highly rated by reviewers. There’s an internet point in the lobby and free WIFI throughout the hotel.

If you happen to be bringing a car to the hotel, they do have parking available for a fee. There is a bar, coffee and tea makers in all rooms and pets are allowed. It appears to be particularly popular with couples who stay at the hotel together. The cost generally fluctuates based on the time of year and the demand. However, at the time of writing the cost for a double room would be $66 USD a night. The fact that the hotel will speak your language regardless of what it is will make most people feel welcome.

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Hotel Boccaccio

Another one of the favorite Florence hotels is the Hotel Boccaccio. This hotel is located right next to the Santa Maria Novella train station, allowing you to travel outside of the city if you so choose. Perhaps a day trip to the neighboring Siena? Regardless of what you choose to do with the location of the hotel, it’s most certainly a useful aspect to have. An interesting little tidbit about the hotel’s name is that it comes from Tuscan poet Giovanni Boccaccio, with the building itself dating back to the 18th century.

The guest rooms come with wooden floors, air conditioning (which is quite appreciated in the hot summer months), nice wooden floors and TVs with international channels. If you feel exhausted after a long day, the rooms include a bathtub or hydromassage shower to give you a way to relax. There are plenty of services available, including room service, shuttling to the airport, a bar and restaurant, and WIFI available in all areas of the hotel. The hotel is slightly more expensive than the Hotel Orcagna, coming in at $77 USD per night for a double room. However, this is likely partially down to the ideal location that it is located in, which makes it a perfect place if you are staying only one day in Florence and need to reach the station quickly.

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Uffizi Harmony

Rounding out the top three best cheap hotels in Florence, we have the Uffizi Harmony. This hotel is located near the Arno River, in between the Piazza di Santa Croce and the Piazza della Signoria. As the name might indicate, the famous Uffizi gallery is only a short walk away from the hotel. It may take 5 minutes or less to visit the area. Similarly, the Ponte Vecchio and the Florence Cathedral are within a 10 minute walk of the Uffizi Harmony.

Each room features a flatscreen TV for entertainment as well as a private bathroom with toiletries included. Breakfast is not included, but you can select an option to include breakfasts. These options can either come with Italian or American-style food. Once again, there are tea and coffee makers in all rooms. This hotel in Florence city center offers a variety of rooms available, including double rooms with a terrace, triple rooms and other deluxe versions of the rooms. An interesting note is that the double room with the terrace is actually cheaper than the regular double room, with the former costing $55 USD per night and the latter costing $59 USD. This is perfect if you are staying two days in Florence and don’t want to spend too much.

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Image: Uffizi Harmony budget hotel in Florence
Photo courtesy of Uffizi Harmony

B&B San Remigio

Located only a short distance away from the Uffizi Harmony, the B&B San Remigio offers many of the same benefits in terms of the location of the hotel. It is centrally located, allowing you to see the Ponte Vecchio, Uffizi Gallery, Piazza della Signoria and so on without walking many miles away. Each room has a flatscreen TV included, electric kettle and desk included. The bathrooms also have the benefit of having a personal dryer that comes along with them. One less thing for you to pack!

The entire hotel is covered by free WIFI that comes with the room booking, but perhaps the biggest highlight of the B&B San Remigio is the second B – the breakfast. Each morning there is a buffet-style breakfast available to all guests that includes hot and cold drinks, croissants and toast. One of the issues with the B&B San Remigio is that it tends to be more expensive than the previous hotels. An Economy Double/Twin Room costs right around $78 USD a night. Meanwhile, a regular double room costs about $83 USD per night, which is the most we’ve seen so far.

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B&B Kingsman

The second Bed & Breakfast on our list, this time with a significantly less Italian name. However, the B&B Kingsman can certainly still fulfill that Italian feel that many people are searching for in these best budget hotels in Florence. It is located right next to the Santa Maria Novella train station, as well as the Basilica di Santa Maria Novella. This puts it at about a 13 minute walk away from the famous Duomo that many people come to see. While it’s a little further away than some of the other previous entries, it still shouldn’t make too much of a difference to the overall experience.

Each room has a flatscreen TV and a private bathroom with hairdryers, toiletries and bidets included. Every user review highly praises the continental or Italian options for breakfast served by the hotel, with some saying it was the best breakfast that they had while in the city. There is daily housekeeping if you choose to let them, heating and air conditioning. The prices of the Kingsman are perhaps the biggest weakness, with the standard double room (or “King Room) costing $171 USD per night.

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Santa Croce’s Home

One of the more interesting places to stay on this list of the best budget hotels in Florence, we have Santa Croce’s Home. This “hotel” is more of a single apartment that you rent out in order to stay in. In that regard, there are 2 bedrooms with 2 beds and a bathroom. There is a large sofa bed hybrid in the apartment if you want to put more people in there.

The apartment is located on the eastern side of central Florence, being closest to the Basilica di Santa Croce. It is about a 10-minute walk towards the Cattedrale di Santa Maria del Fiore (or the Duomo as it is often referred to as). So it certainly isn’t far out the way. There is no breakfast here, as it is literally an apartment. However, it does have a flatscreen TV, a fridge and a washer, which certainly offers a different experience from a traditional hotel. Pets are also allowed, which is good for those who prefer to travel with a smaller companion. For those who want to experience Florence in a manner more akin to living there than staying in a hotel, this might be the place to look at for $73 USD a night.

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B&B Santa Maria del Fiore

Switching back to a more traditional Bed & Breakfast for the seventh choice of the cheapest hotels in Florence, this time we have the Santa Maria del Fiore. The location is the furthest away from the “tourist zone” that we’ve seen so far, being a 24 minute walk from the Ponte Vecchio, an 18 minute walk from the Duomo and a 21 minute walk from the Uffizi. The B&B uses a combination of modern and traditional Florentine architectural styles to create a very unique look for its rooms.

Each room contains the now-familiar flatscreen TV, private bathrooms and hair dryers. There is a spa and wellness center included in the hotel, with shuttles to and from the airport also available. There are both continental and Italian style breakfasts available, with WIFI also available on all of the premises. Perhaps the biggest weaknesses of the B&B Santa Maria del Fiore are its distance from the main attraction (although it still isn’t that far) and the cost, as a regular double room costs $134 USD per night.

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B&B Stupido Hotel

Our first hotel to be located on the southern side of the River Arno, we have B&B Stupido Hotel in 8th place of our cheapest hotels in Florence. While this might be a downside for some, it really isn’t that far away from the sights that most people want to see in Florence. For example, it is only 7 minutes away from the Ponte Vecchio, 10 minutes away from the Uffizi gallery and 13 minutes away from the Duomo. So the location is most certainly not an issue here. In fact, the view of the Arno River can be quite a beautiful one to look over.

The bed & breakfast comes with many of the standard elements that we’ve examined so far. There are flat screen TVs, bidets and hairdryers in the bathrooms and the continental or Italian breakfast options that are so common in these hotels. WIFI is also available in the hotel. The biggest issue we’ve got with the Stupido Hotel is that there’s no information on the prices, seemingly for any dates. We’ve looked through all the travel sites, yet there is no price listed, which makes it hard to compare to others on here.

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Relais Stibbert Florence

Another choice of the best budget hotels in Florence comes in the form of the Relais Stibbert Florence. It’s another of the hotels that are located a bit further away from the city center than you might like, but that doesn’t take too much away from the appeal. It is about a 20-minute walk to the Duomo, 30-minute walk to the Piazza della Signoria and a 34-minute walk to the Ponte Vecchio. The hotel itself is located a little bit north of the Maria Teresa Hospital.

All rooms feature the standard TV screen, though these come with free Sky channels. There is free WIFI available around the hotel, with tea kettles and tea available as well. As a handy treat, there is a guide of Tuscany in both English and Italian available. Breakfast is highly rated by the past reviews, with kosher and gluten-free variants being offered as well. The standard double room price sits right around $118 USD per night, which is a tad expensive, but not the most pricey that we’ve seen so far.

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Image: Relais Stibbert Florence cheap hotel
Photo courtesy of Relais Stibbert Florence

Lavagnini My Place B&B

We end our list of the best budget hotels in Florence with the Lavagnini My Place Bed & Breakfast. Another hotel located to the north of most of the main attractions, this one is closer than the Relais Stibbert Florence. It takes about 19 minutes to get to the Duomo, 26 minutes to the Uffizi and 23 minutes to the Piazza della Signoria.

In terms of what the hotel offers, there is plenty. There is room service, free WIFI, a shared lounge and shared kitchen, Italian breakfast, and a bar. The piercing is also fairly decent, with a double room with a balcony costing $70 USD per night.

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That concludes our list of the best budget hotels in Florence. As always, we recommend looking at these hotels yourself and seeing which would fit your trip best. Now get out there and get travelling!

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