Best North Italy Tours: Scenic Hiking, Great Food, Enchanting Culture

Ready to experience the best North Italy tours and holiday options? We know you are. Who wouldn’t want to see the rolling green hills, the mountains, and the colorful little coastal towns? There is also a treasure trove of culture and history to experience here, from the city of Venice and its famous canals to the snow-capped Mont Blanc and the Apennine Mountains, the UNESCO World Heritage site of Cinque Terre, and the old world environs of Tuscany. And that list barely scratches the surface of North Italy’s attractions.

When you’re planning your trip to North Italy, you may start feeling a bit overwhelmed. There really is a lot to do and see, and it’s hard to plan a step-by-step journey to a place you’ve never been. That’s why we recommend you book a tour. On a guided tour to Italy, everything is planned and prepared for you before you even arrive, so you don’t have to worry about a thing. Even if you prefer to chart your own destiny, there are tours for that, too, in which your journey is self-guided.

To help you get started planning the trip of your dreams, we made a list of the best North Italy vacation packages. We’ll talk about what each tour offers and pay special attention to its duration, accommodations, and level of physical activity you’ll have to do to enjoy it. Keep an open mind, and you’ll discover an adventure that you’ve only dreamed of until now.

Best Tours to Northern Italy for Cultural and Adventure Travelers

Hidden Treasures of North Italy By Flag Travel Holidays

This 7-day tour will take you to some of the most famous historical cities and countryside. You’ll start in Bologna and travel all the way to Milan, passing through places like Ferrara and its medieval-era architecture, the Byzantine city of Ravenna, Verona where Shakespeare put on his famous Romeo and Juliet play, and much, much more. Along the way, you’ll sample incredible local cuisine, some from traditional North Italian farms.

The Hidden Treasures of North Italy tour comes with 6 nights in hotels and a daily breakfast. There is a fair amount of walking involved on this venture, but most of it will take place in cities and not in rough countryside.

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Image: Galleria Vittorio Emanuele in Milan

Treasures of North Italy & Food Culture – 7 Days By Click Tours

Beginning with one day in Bologna and ending in Milan, the Explore the North Italy & Food Culture tour will take you on a wonder-filled, gastronomic journey through North Italy. You’ll experience local cuisine and cooking styles (as well as learn how to cook traditional Italian dishes yourself!) in several different cities, including Bologna, Ravenna, Velona, Franciacorta, and more.

These locations are bastions of culture, history, and, of course, cuisine in North Italy. You’ll even visit Mantua, which is considered a UNESCO World Heritage site and is surrounded by three lakes. But you’ll see that it’s not just the urban areas in Italy that offer great food: one of the days, you’ll visit a farmhouse for a balsamic vinegar tasting.

For 6 nights, you’ll stay in hotels and eat and drink your way across North Italy. On the 7th day, the tour will end. Due to the nature of the trip, you will be eating a wide variety of foods. Before booking, consider any food allergies you or anyone traveling with you might have. You will also have to do some walking on this trip, but think of it as a blessing in disguise: this Italy food tour will give you the chance to walk off all those amazing North Italian meals!

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Image: Bologna's lasagna food

Cinque Terre: Hike, Bike & Kayak By Intrepid Travel

Ah, Cinque Terre: one of the best areas to experience North Italy and one of the favorite places if you are looking for scenic hiking trips in Italy. This beautiful coastal region is marked by groups of buildings painted in bright colors, sheer cliffs, and endless expanses of blue sky and blue sea. This tour by Intrepid Travel allows you to get up and personal with all these beautiful sights by hiking, kayaking, and biking. You’ll be up in and around all over Cinque Terre before the end of the venture.

This 8-day tour involves a lot of physical activity; in fact, physical activity is the main point of it aside from experiencing the beauty of Cinque Terre. You’ll stay 7 nights in a hotel. Be forewarned: you may have to share a room with a fellow tourist of the same sex. If this would be a problem, you can pay an extra fee and get your own private accommodation. You’ll be provided with 7 breakfasts. Lunch and dinner can be gotten from the coastal towns.

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Image: Vernazza in the Cinque Terre in Italy

Ultimate Dolomites Adventure By Active Adventures

The Ultimate Dolomites Adventure tour by Active Adventures is perfect if you’re an active individual who wants to immerse yourself in the North Italy landscape. This tour involves hiking and biking your way from Venice to and through the Dolomites – an impressive trio of beautiful mountain peaks. At the end of the 9-day tour, you’ll find yourself back in Venice, probably with a good tan and a refreshed spirit.

During this 9-day tour, you’ll stay in local lodges and receive breakfast, lunch, and dinner every day as part of the package. You’ll be hiking and biking every day on your journey, so make sure you’re physically ready for the challenge before you book.

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Image: Molveno Lake cycling in Italy's Dolomites

Piedmont – The Paradise For Gourmets By Feuer Und Eis

This bicycle tour of Piedmont, a region in Italy famous for its gastronomical delights, is a perfect choice for people who love food but like to stay active in the outdoors. You’ll start and end your journey in Alessandria, Italy, bicycling your way through the Piedmont region and sampling local cuisine from small villages, visiting authentic wine cellars, and trying some of the region’s most famous foods, like the white truffle. You’ll be amazed by the wide green countryside, the sprawling Langhe Mountains, and the variety of food and drink you’ll sample during the tour.

Throughout this 8-day tour, you’ll spend 7 nights in local accommodations and receive a daily breakfast, in addition to the meals you’re served during some of the tour stops. Biking and eating are great fun, but they both require stamina and an open mind, so consider that before booking Piedmont – The Paradise For Gourmets tour.

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South Tyrol – Just Like That! By Feuer und Eis

See the best that North Italy has to offer in nature on the South Tyrol – Just Like That tour. In 8 days, you’ll cycle from Brixen in the South Tyrol region and back again. Some of the sights you’ll see will likely astound you: towering mountain peaks, wide placid lakes, and verdant valleys. You’ll sample local cuisine, and follow the “Wine Route” where you’ll see, visit, and participate in tastings at authentic North Italian vineyards. Fresh air, views, food, and wine in North Italy: what could be better?

For 7 nights, the tour will provide you with nightly accommodations. The tour package also includes 7 breakfasts. On the eighth day, the tour ends. Once again, this is a tour that requires physical strength in order to cycle through to the end of it. But it’s well worth the effort.

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Image: River crossing Brixen in Italy's South Tyrol

Italy Retreat: The Veneto By Intrepid Travel

Take the backroads of Venento, a region in North Italy that includes the well-known city of Venice, and discover a whole new world. On this quick tour, you’ll explore the picturesque vineyards, streets, alleyways, shops, and restaurants of the Veneto region. You’ll visit the lovely countryside of Prosecco, and wend your way through the cities of Treviso and Venice and their captivating canals that you’ve only seen in the movies. Along the way, you’ll have the opportunity to take in all kinds of new sights, smells, sounds, and foods.

This 4-day tour offers 3 nights in a hotel, 3 breakfasts, and 1 lunch. Throughout the course of the venture, you’ll ride on a train, a private vehicle, and a bicycle, as well as do some light walking.

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Image: Venice canals

Mont Blanc Explorer By G Adventures

Gape at the imposing edifice that is Mont Blanc on the Mont Blanc Explorer tour by G Adventures. This beautiful, towering mountain is taller than the Alps and surrounded by gorgeous countryside that you will explore via walking and hiking. You’ll drink in fantastic views, explore caves, and relax in spas. And you’ll need that extra time to soak and unwind in a lovely spa because you’ll definitely get a workout on this tour.

This 8-day tour provides hotel accommodations for 7 nights and 7 breakfasts. There is a lot of walking and hiking involved on the sides of enormous mountains, so make sure you’re prepared in case you’re not used to breathing in high altitude. The great thing about this trip is it balances out the strenuous physical activity with opportunities to relax and get pampered at a spa.

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Image: Mont Blanc mountains and lake

Italian Lakes: Hike, Bike & Kayak By Intrepid Travel

Immerse yourself in the Lake Country of North Italy on the Italian Lakes tour by Intrepid Travel. In this beautiful region, you’ll hike and cycle your way past sparkling lakes, picturesque villages and villas, and mountain views. Along the way, you’ll sample delicious local cuisine and kayak along the shorelines. You’ll also explore the surrounding estates and villas, which are some of the most beautiful abodes in Italy. This tour is food for the stomach and the soul.

The Italian Lakes tour package comes with 7 nights in a hotel, 7 breakfasts, and transportation by train, boat, kayak, and bicycle. You’ll be on the go the whole time, so stay hydrated and make sure you’re ready to be physically active.

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Venice to Florence – Self-Guided By Cycle Europe

Take yourself on a trip through North Italy with this self-guided bicycle tour from Venice to Florence. Pedal through charming little towns like Comacchio and cities with ancient Byzantine history like Ravenna. Take a boat ride on the canals surrounding Comacchio. Visit cafes and sample local eats. Tour museums like the International Ceramics Museum in Faenza. Climb your way up and over the Apennine Mountains. Follow the map and roadbook that the tour provides and enjoy the fresh air and color of this beautiful countryside.

On this tour, you’ll stay 7 nights in hotels and receive breakfast every morning. Obviously, because it’s an Italy cycling tour, you’ll need to be in good shape to fully enjoy the experience.

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Image: Santa Maria Novella in Florence in the best North Italy tours

Walking in Tuscany By Exodus Travels

See Tuscany, a gorgeous region of old North Italy, the way it was meant to be seen: up close and personal. On this tour by Exodus Travels, you’ll walk up mountain slopes, through forests, charming little villages, and national parks. You’ll visit a hermitage near Campocatino, a 16th-century shepherds’ village. You’ll also have the option to see the Leaning Tower, one of Pisa’s main attractions; the Cinque Terre; or Florence, a center for Tuscan art and culture in North Italy. There is no better way to experience this unique and stunning countryside and local flavor.

The tour package comes with 7 nights in the Agriturismo Braccicorti Farmhouse, a stone building situated on a real Tuscan farm. It also comes with 6 breakfasts, 5 picnic lunches, and 5 dinners. You’ll need to be physically fit for this trip, as you’ll need to do a lot of walking on various types of terrain.

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Image: Pisa Leaning Tower

LAKES AND LAGOON – Como, Garda Lake & Venice (Small Group) By Taotravel

Enjoy Lake Como, Garda Lake, and the canals of Venice on the LAKES AND LAGOON tour by Taotravel. You’ll start in Milan and travel to Como, the beautiful city on the lake; Brescia, a city with rich historical significance; Garda Lake; Verona, the city where Shakespeare staged Romeo & Juliet; and Venice, with all its twists and turns and alleyways and canals. You’ll absorb old North Italy culture and history on this short but fun-filled tour.

LAKES AND LAGOONS comes with 5 nights in hotels, 5 breakfasts, and 5 dinners. You’ll travel from city to city in a minivan, but you will have to walk in order to see the best sights on this tour. It’s the best way to experience the beauty of the lakes and waterways of North Italy.

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Image: The Arena in Verona in one of the best tours to northern Italy

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